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Started by hayledogar 2019-04-06 at 17:48
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Absolute Keto Among the huge number of current nutrition systems, diets, and the correct ways of eating, two systems are clearly distinguished, which contradict each other and are apparently not going to try on each other at all. I am talking about supporters of two completely opposite directions, about meat eaters and vegetarians. The man is definitely a genetically vegetarian. This is evidenced by a number of signs. Lack of fangs like predators, but on the contrary the presence of wide molars suitable for grinding and chewing vegetable food. In favor of vegetarianism and the fact that a person has a very long intestine is just convenient for overcooking herbal food. In predators, the digestive tract is short adapted to the removal of fast-decaying meat. Finally, human saliva is alkaline, and predators are acidic. It seems that a person should not be carnivorous, but why, then, do people use meat since ancient times? There are a lot of versions about this. But most likely, as a result of the global cooling, people had no choice but to change their diet and become meat-eaters, since the glaciers destroyed almost all the vegetation. Well, this is antiquity, but how are things going now? According to data from various sources, more than 10 million people in the United States are convinced vegetarians and more than 3 million Britons abstain from eating meat. In Russia, according to the data of the Northern Independent Statistical Agency, 2% of residents do not eat meat at all, 2% use it only on weekends and 1% of people eat meat less often than once a week. So as you can see the army of supporters of vegetarianism, is quite impressive. But in fairness it should be noted that vegetarianism itself is heterogeneous, the most odious vegetarians are vegans, they adhere exclusively to plant food, not using not only poultry animals and fish, but even milk and eggs.


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